Photos from Greenpoint and any other random place I may be at.

Photos from Greenpoint and any other random place we may visit.

La Suegra comes to NY (May 6, 2011)

My M-I-L, was supposed to come to NY for Mothers Day Weekend. On Saturday morning, she changed her mind and decided that she wasn't going to come. So Rob and I took the train into
the city to go to the Union Square Farmers Market. We found some really funny shaped potatoes for dinner. While we were walking around Central Village/NYU, she called and said that she was in fact coming. We stopped for a quick bite at Le Pain Quotidien and headed back to Brooklyn to get our car.

We picked her up at Penn Station, brought her and her 21 year old dog back to Greenpoint. We then went to Le Gamin for lunch. We had never been there, but the food was great. The French Onion Soup was one of the cheesiest, oniony and bready soups that I've ever eaten (this means it was really, really yummy) I think we would eat here more if they weren't cash only. We then showed her around our neighborhood.

For dinner, Rob's friend, Talo, came over. Rob cooked Corned Beef Short Ribs, that our friend Anthony had corned a few weeks ago. We also had boiled potatoes, cabage and a salad. Talo is an expert paper folder (origamier- is this a word?). After dinner, he folded paper for us.

On Sunday, we went to Anella for Mother's Day Brunch. They have an amazing burger that is only served for brunch. Another annoying cash restaurant in our neighborhood, that we don't eat at often because we never carry cash. We then went to Williamsburg for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

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