Photos from Greenpoint and any other random place I may be at.

Photos from Greenpoint and any other random place we may visit.

Photo 118 – January 27, 2011

Total snow for the season as of this morning, 56 inches.

What's under all this snow?

The roo!
I dug it out all by myself.

Photo 117 – January 26, 2011

Dear Winter,

So far we have had over 42 inches of snow this season. It's been really cold since December. Please go away.


Photo 116 – January 25, 2011

My tete 'disahered'....but he's finally broken of the habit!

Photo 115 – January 24, 2011

9 degrees.....Really????

Weekend in Nueva Jersey (Jan 21)

One of our favorite antique shops is the 'House of Modern Living' in Asbury Park, NJ. We have been looking for a cool lamp to put over our dining room table and we finally found one this weekend. This is a 1960's 3 bulb hanging lamp. The lamp is in great condition. My favorite part is that the shades are plastic. We'll put it up as soon as the hubbs sets up the electrical.

Some other cool things we have purchased at the 'House of Modern Living':

Mid-century marble top coffee table.

Mid-Century arc lamp.

Photo 114 – January 20, 2011

Why I love Grace:

She loves chocolate!

If she needs something, she
can figure out how to get it.

She makes funny faces when
she takes a bath.

She looks so cute in her uniform.

If she's thirsty, she can get
water for herself.

Photo 113 – January 19, 2011

This isn't normal....a dog that saves her treats.

Pics From the Past 4 - January 18, 2011

Snow Angels
(2009 Blizzard)

Weekend in NY (Jan 14)

Short Rib and Pancetta Ragu with homemade tomato (used the canned tomatoes from this summer) sauce and fresh pasta from Savino's Quality Pasta. We used to make our own pasta, but you can't beat $3.00 for a pound of fresh pasta.

We went for soup dumpling at Nan Xiang Dumpling House.


Photo 112 – January 13, 2011

The cutest kid in the world (and not because he's my nephew).

Photo 111 – January 12, 2011

Woke up this morning and there was 9 inches of snow and we didn't have a snow day. We had a lovely day, especially since half of our class was out. BTW, I have the best hubbs...he dug the car out at 6am, so that I could get to work.

Photo 110 – January 11, 2011

The best Christmas tree stands.....snow!

Weekend in NY (Jan 7)

Went for Cocktails at Little Branch in the West Village. It had a 1950's bar feel to it. I thought Don and Betty Draper were going to walk in any minute.

Dinner at Little Owl. There sliders are off the chart amazing.

The Hubbs made me an amazing breakfast.

Photo 109 – January 6, 2011

I wonder if 'God' will give him a time-out!

Kid Quote 12 - January 5, 2011

"Mrs. K, I wish I had a spotted tail."

Photo 108 – January 4, 2011

Photo 107 – January 3, 2011

Finally home, but we came home to a wonderful winter wonderland...not!