Photos from Greenpoint and any other random place I may be at.

Photos from Greenpoint and any other random place we may visit.

Photo 332 - October 19, 2011

Halloween in the 'point'.

Photo 331 - October 18, 2011

Living the life!

Photo 330 - October 17, 2011

Best Friends

Weekend in NY and NJ - 10/14/11

On Friday night we went to The Breslin at the Ace Hotel.  This place was too cool for school.  It was so cool, that Reese Witherspoon was sitting at the table behind us.  I can't even remember what we ate, because I was star struck.

On Saturday, we drove to NJ for my mother-in-laws birthday.  We went to a restaurant in Red Bank, NJ called Dish.  We went to Dish a few months ago and Rob really loved his dinner, but I didn't like my charred steak.  This time was no different.  I ordered a mushroom homemade ravioli, which was served raw.  Rob ordered a gorgonzola covered rib eye, but it wasn't a rib eye and it needed salt.  We won't be going back!

Photo 229 - October 13, 2011

We are so lucky, because we get to see so many shows because of the hubb's job.  This week, we went to see The Mountaintop, starting Samuel Jackson and Angela Basset. 

Photo 228 – October 12, 2011

Cool rug for our cool chair!

Photo 227 – October 11, 2011

7 years of bad luck (luckily we didn't break it).

Weekend in NY - 10/7/11

Me: I had so much fun when we rented bikes at the beach last weekend, maybe I should get one.
Hubbs:  You want a bike?

By Friday, I had a bike.

We spend Saturday morning buying things for my bike.  Helmet, padded shorts, jersey, socks, shoes, clippy shoe things.  Saturday afternoon, we decide to go for a ride.

Hubbs: Let's go to Roosevelt or Randall's Island, so that you can get used to the shoes.
Me: No, I want to go to Central Park.
Hubbs: Okay, are you sure?
Me: Yup

So we take the Queensboro Bridge over to Central Park.  There are no bike lanes on the way to the park, but it's okay. There is some traffic, but manageable.  We get to the park.  Half of NY is there.  There are pedestrians, horse carriages, those bike carriages, baby carriages, tourists and other bikers....but it's fine.  As we leave the park, the hubbs says follow me.  He then tries to take me in between two taxi's and a car, then he takes me the wrong way on a one way street...all of this on streets that have no bike lanes and stupid clippy shoes.

As we were crossing the Queenboro Bridge back to Queens, I almost threw my bike off the bridge.

On Sunday we went to Randall's Island.

Photo 226 – October 6, 2011

Nothing like writing about the day you were born.

Photo 225 – October 5, 2011

Nothing like cleaning out the closet

Photo 224 – October 4, 2011

A blimp over my sisters house.

Sisters 2

Sister #2, Jeanne, also has a blog, J and J home

The Playa- Long Weekend 9/29/11

One of the only times she listened.
Butt in the air

Smiling dog

A boy and his dog

Even bunny went to a bar
We rented bikes

Refreshing stop on our ride


Photo 223 – September 28, 2011

Quiz Night is back at Habitat.  We didn't win, but we did have fun.

Photo 222 – September 27, 2011

This is what happens when you put a toilet seat over your head.  My sister doesn't try to take it off, she runs gets her camera and takes a picture!

Photo 221 – September 26, 2011

Trying to give a friend a battery charge after work, didn't work.  What a way to end the day.

Weekend in NJ - 9/26/11

We went to NJ and all I took was this lousy picture.  I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures over the weekend.

When we got back, we saw the coolest wedding EVER!  They had a parade through Greenpoint and all of the guest were dressed in various nautical, sea creature or beach themes. 

Photo 220 – September 22, 2011

Princess playtime!

Photo 219 – September 21, 2011

Why is she still chewing things?