Photos from Greenpoint and any other random place I may be at.

Photos from Greenpoint and any other random place we may visit.

Weekend in NY (March 25)

I love weekends in New York!

Friday night we went to a new BBQ joint, Mables, in Brooklyn. It was good and quite inexpensive.

Saturday morning we went to the Union Square Farmers Market, then we decided to head over to Golden Unicorn for Dim Sum. After lunch, we went for a stroll in the Lower East Side, as we were walking around, we discovered Bisous Cous, a macaroon shop. I ate my first ever macaroon and well, it was amazing. I had a dark chocolate ganache macaroon. Mmmmmm.

That evening we went to a wine tasting at a friends house. We tasted wines from San Emilion from France. The wines from San Emilion are balanced and slightly fruity. I enjoyed them. For desert, they had macaroons. I had a caramel macaroon. Mmmmmm.

Party on Sunday for all the March birthdays at the beer store. For desert, they had macaroons, so I ate a pistachio macaroon. Mmmmm.

I have never had a macaroon and I ate three this weekend.

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